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Of Everything

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A Boutique General Law Practice

And the first thing some of our clients ask is what exactly does that mean. The answer is simple and right at the top of the page. At Ken Wigginton, PLLC, we do every kind of law, but what sets us apart is the service we provide. Founding attorney Ken Wigginton built this firm by putting the client first every time, giving honest answers and common sense advice.

Our goal is to be there for our clients’ every legal need. They may come to us to set up their business, but we’ll be there for real estate transactions, estate planning, family law issues, civil litigation and even criminal cases should the need arise.

A boutique law practice providing client services in the greater Highland Village and Flower Mound area and throughout Texas.

Proactive And Passionate

Our clients are small-business owners, professionals and growing families. They’re people passionate about their lives and livelihoods. We understand that passion because we feel the same way about our families and our work.

We’ve accumulated a broad range of experiences representing successful business owners and families. One lesson that we’ve learned, in the combined 100 years of practice, is that some problems can be stopped before they start. We take a comprehensive and practical view of our client’s legal needs in business and personal matters and take steps to protect what matters most. 

Meet Our Attorneys

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Mark Grosso

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We Help Make Our Communities A Better Place

We help small businesses find and secure their place, and protect the interests of our client’s families, as a service to the Highland Village and Flower Mound communities.

We want to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients. It’s our pride and pleasure to take all the legal burdens off their shoulders. Get started by calling us at 940-308-8416 or by sending us an email.

From business contracts to trust administration, we’re here to find the right path forward for you. Call us at 940-308-8416 or send us an email.