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Experienced Divorce Attorneys Committed To Your Future

When a marriage has reached its end, most people consider it to be something to fear. While a divorce is never easy, it can be an opportunity to shape your new future. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you identify your unique goals in your divorce and pursue them to the fullest possibilities.

Here at Ken Wigginton, PLLC, we have been serving Texas communities for more than 35 years. Our decades of successfully representing our clients have taught us the formula of what it takes to be an excellent family law attorney.

Our Dedication To You

Divorce is not a single subject matter. There are all types of issues that can arise in a divorce. If you are not expecting one of them, it may catch you off guard and leave you in a regrettable situation afterward. We can help you look out for all areas of divorce, including:

  • Property division, including division of business ownership
  • Child support negotiations and modifications
  • Alimony calculations and modifications
  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights

Even if both spouses want to pursue a non-conflict divorce, it is still risky to seek a divorce without an attorney. We can help oversee your divorce process to ensure that the decisions you make are protecting your best interests.

Do Not Do It Alone

A divorce can drastically shape your future; you deserve to shape it into something you can look forward to. Let our experience become your advantage in your divorce process.

You can schedule your initial consultation by calling us at 940-308-8416 or emailing us here. We are eager to begin working for you so contact us today.