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Criminal Law Can Be Overwhelming, But We Can Help

Being arrested or charged with a crime may be one of the most difficult times in your life. It can make you feel alone and frightened. Knowing your rights is the first step to protecting them and an experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you through the challenges and process of being accused of a criminal offense and obtaining the best possible outcome.

At Ken Wigginton, PLLC we represent people charged with a broad range of misdemeanors and felonies. We know that the criminal justice system can be confusing and overwhelming, so we guide our clients through each step of the process. We have the knowledge and skill to achieve favorable results. Our ability to partner with our clients to present them in the most favorable light while challenging the evidence helps us to effectively negotiate with prosecutors to secure agreed dispositions while always preparing for the possibility of trial. It is strongly recommended that you contact us today for a free case assessment.

A Boutique Firm Approach to Criminal Law

People in the greater Highland Village and Flower Mound areas, as well as throughout Texas, can come to us for experienced criminal defense representation in cases that involve:

  • License suspensions
  • Drug charges
  • Assault and domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • White collar crimes

In addition, we can help you with expunctions or non-disclosures of a criminal record in certain cases where Texas law permits. If your prior felony or misdemeanor charge resulted in dismissal or deferred adjudication, you may be eligible to have those records destroyed or otherwise removed from public view. Additionally, recent changes to Texas law now offer the ability to have your DWI conviction sealed in certain cases. If your public record is affecting your relationships or impeding your ability to find employment, rent an apartment or be accepted to college or vocational schools, contact Ken Wigginton, PLLC to learn about options that may be available to you.

As a boutique full-service law firm, we can assist you with more than just criminal defense. Is your criminal charge affecting your divorce or your ability to see your children? We can also represent you in Texas family cases.

When Experience Matters, Choose Wigginton

Each client is different and each case is different. Our aggressive criminal defense team is prepared to work closely with you to aggressively and effectively resolve your case.

Please call Ken Wigginton, PLLC or fill out our online contact form today to set up a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.