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6 types of legal problems Texas business owners face

In the back of every business owner’s mind is the fear of litigation. Legal complications can be time-consuming and expensive. Although all legal issues cannot be avoided, being proactive and aware of potential threats is key.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019 there were 7,959,103 businesses in Texas. Unfortunately, many of these businesses will face a variety of legal challenges.

What types of legal problems could a Texas business owner face?

According to Business News Daily, there are common reasons why a business is being sued. To be proactive, it is important to know the possibilities for problems. Let’s take a look at six legal challenges that one could face.

  • Intellectual property rights: It is completely fine to find inspiration outside of the company. However, be extra cautious when using images, music, logos or any intellectual property that is not original.
  • Premise liability: Owning property comes with an inherent liability. These liabilities can range from slip-and-fall to personal injury cases.
  • Breach of contract: Contracts are legally binding and, therefore, come with obligations and responsibilities. When contracts are breached, or not upheld, lawsuits can ensue.
  • Discrimination or harassment towards employees/customers: Sometimes these threats are completely unfounded, but that doesn’t stop the issue from arising. When employees are involved, these claims are dealt with by the U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC).
  • Employee injury or sickness: These types of cases usually fall under workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Auto accidents: When employees drive company vehicles, the company can be liable in the case of injury or accident.

Being aware of the potential pitfalls as a Texas business owner is the first step to avoiding them. Strong company policies, trained human resource personnel and attention to detail are imperative to keeping a company safe and secure.

When facing legal issues, it is imperative to take immediate defensive action with the help of legal representation that is qualified and experienced with Texas business laws.