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Starting a successful Texas microbrewery requires legal guidance

Texas residents love their beer. At one time, most people chose to consume big-name brands such as Budweiser, Miller, or Pabst Blue Ribbon. However, craft beers are gaining popularity across the country.

If you an aspiring entrepreneur, you may find the idea of opening a microbrewery appealing. When they are successful, these small breweries are profitable.

Legal guidance can help you achieve success

An attorney can help you make your microbrewery a success by helping in a variety of ways, including the examples listed below.

  • Choosing the proper legal structure for your brewery (such as a partnership or sole proprietorship)
  • Drafting legal documents like business contracts and employment agreements
  • Guiding you in legal matters involving the manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages
  • Creating a business plan that meets the current and future needs of your microbrewery
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses associated with owning a small business that sells alcohol
  • Offering guidance on protecting your business’s intellectual property (such as logos and trade secrets)
  • Suggesting ways to attract investors to your brewery
  • Recommending well-located commercial real estate upon which to build your microbrewery

An experienced business law attorney can also help if you run in to any obstacles when you are in the process of forming your company and once you are up and running. Partnering with an attorney gives you a ready advocate to protect you or act on your behalf if you face legal trouble in your enterprise.

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