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Starting a microbrewery? Here are some tips

You love beer. You love it so much that you spent the better part of 2020 mulling over whether you should start your own microbrewery. As all signs seem to point to yes, you are ready to get moving on your project.

But slow down a second. No one wants to rain on your parade, but it is important to be sure that all of your legal ducks are in line for your project.

Are you prepared for regulatory red tape?

Opening a microbrewery is a lot different from opening a retail store. Because alcohol is the focus of your business, there is a great deal of regulation in the industry on the local, state and even federal levels.

For instance, the location of your microbrewery has to be carefully planned to ensure it won’t run afoul of local laws barring alcohol sales in certain areas and times of the day/night. Liquor licenses and other legal requirements all have to be satisfied before the first beer can be brewed.

Who will be in charge of brewing the beer?

It is one thing to own the microbrewery on paper and another to be in there every day, in the trenches, checking temperature gauges, adding ingredients to the mix and actually brewing the beer. If you are not sure that you have the time commitment it will take, you need to find an experienced brewer to hire for the process.

Will you take on partners (silent or not)?

For financial or other reasons, it might be necessary for you to take on a partner. Getting your partnership agreement done right is pivotal in protecting your interests. A business law attorney can draft a partnership agreement that adequately protects you and your business interests.